30 November

Don’t let your landing page fall by the wayside

Almost everyone has a website–I have two, though I’m not quite sure why.  If you’ve got a startup, chances are a website was one of your first priorities.  Understandably, it’s necessary when networking to have a ‘home base’ to send everyone back to, and a company email address looks way more legit than a gmail (not that […]

19 October

The Madness of Metro

Since 2008, banks have dramatically reduced lending to startups and SME’s across the UK. As a result, we’ve seen the rise of alternative funding models for these organisations – crowdfunding, Start Up Loans and angel investment are the three obvious examples. Charities are even further removed from traditional funding models. With no profit motive, banks […]

28 September

Not enough entrepreneurs appreciate clear, concise writing

The start-up world is awash with words that sound impressive but don’t make much sense and only confuse potential customers. I met an aspiring entrepreneur at an event recently who failed to explain their business to me, then suggested I visit their website. Yet this made me even more confused. The site was made up […]

24 September

TechCityinsider Profiles Launch22

Holmes launches social working space After visiting Launch22 and talking to our CEO, Eddie Holmes. Toni Sekinah of TechCityinsider has published a new post profiling Launch22 !

16 September

Startup Speed Networking Review by Entreprenary

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Anna Mamadzhanova of Entreprenary recently attended one of our Speed Networking events. In her new blog post, she shares her experiences. View on her blog from the link below. Start up speed networking – Review

7 September

It’s not all about the money: Why investment isn’t at the heart of a successful startup

In this article I want to bust a couple of myths. I’ll let you in on the first one now: money won’t make your startup grow. I mean, it will certainly help, but cash alone does not guarantee a successful startup. As well as finance, you will need a couple of other vital types of […]

2 September

Bridging the gap between Start Up Loans and a £150k seed round: Why non-tech startups shouldn’t be left behind

Earlier this year, applications for the London Co-Investment Fund opened. The fund, backed by £25m of funding from the Mayor’s Office, plans to invest over £80m in science, technology and digital companies over the next three years, creating 2,600 jobs in the process. The fund is obviously a great option for London tech companies that […]

28 July

Scholarships now available !

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Do you need some help to get your business off the ground? Are you from a disadvantaged background? Launch22 has ten places available to entrepreneurs who need it most. We offer you: • Workspace in Shoreditch or Liverpool; • Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs; and • Access to Finance It’s all completely free. So don’t wait […]

28 July

Liverpool’s startup scene could give the city an edge over northern rivals

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While Manchester has marketed itself as the country’s official media city and the centre of George Osborne’s “northern powerhouse”, intended to redress England’s north-south economic balance, Liverpool’s burgeoning startup scene gives the historic maritime centre the opportunity to develop alongside its rival, but with a different focus. The startup ecosystem in the city is burgeoning. […]

16 July

I didn’t notice mental illness affecting my work until almost too late

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I didn’t notice mental illness affecting my work until almost too late

I’m stating the obvious here, but being an entrepreneur is tough. Running a startup can consume you, bringing with it a heady mix of stratospheric highs and crushing lows. One day you can feel on top of the world, like you can accomplish anything, and the next your confidence is shot and you lack the […]