Foodtech: Mania or marvel?

Market drivers like our newly-found busy 21st-century lifestyles, more women in the workforce, greater innovation in travel and communication and more awareness of healthy eating habits are well understood by the entrepreneurs and marketers. The average person’s time allocated to preparing and sourcing food has reduced dramatically and the market has responded with an upsurge in using digital platforms to improve the ease and availability of food - Foodtech.

One of Launch22’s members finds himself riding this foodtech trend;

The Honestly Good Smoothie Company

Founder - Vikesh Kotecha, believes a healthy and world-friendly diet can be accessible in our busy new lifestyles. Vikesh and his award-winning nutritionist have built a smoothie delivery service which does all the thinking for you, so you can keep a healthy and active regime without having to spend time sourcing and testing the plentifully trendy new ingredients.

Their philosophy; What you put in, is what you get out, goes beyond a healthy lifestyle.

"We source 100% organic produce, our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable and we donate 2 meals to those in need for every box sent out."

Honestly, how good can this company get?

Food-on-demand startups don’t just stop here, we now have access to startups who delivery Michelin-star restaurant food, weekly meal kits, groceries and even a smart-oven which cooks for you, June. (I mean what do you expect when you ask Google, GoPro and Apple employees to design an oven).

Another startup which has hit the scene at Launch22 is Mealpal. The city-worker-friendly subscription service for restaurant take-out lunches near the office. Forget the £3.50 meal deal, the workforce can now get a wide selection of affordable lunches every day.

Recently they secured £14 million series B funding to expand their domain beyond their UK, US, Canadian and Australian branches.

With so many foodtech companies starting up it’s natural to wonder how much more room there is for the industry to innovate. Comment, share, post - to give your feedback on where you think this industry is heading or do you think this is a foodtech-mania that is ready to burst?

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