What headway is Agritech making this year?

2018 celebrations have taken place and the year is well underway, marked by many sprouting opportunities in the startup ecosystem. One industry launch22 is following closely is Agritech.

Agritech is the use of technology and data in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture in the aim of improving productivity, profitability and sustainability.

There is an undeniable revolution brewing to respond to the need to produce 70% more food to feed the expected 9 billion-strong population of Earthlings by 2050. Considering we already use up 40% of land mass for agriculture and require progressively more space for housing, united with environmental change making it more and more difficult to produce food… we are giving ourselves a headache and we need a new type of painkiller.

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Entocycle is a sustainable feed startup founded by Keiran Whitaker. Keiran and his growing team are changing the way we produce food from their office in London. First starting out in Launch22 in their ideation stage and now working with Masschallange and Y Combinator, Keiran is moving fast to develop the worlds most efficient and sustainable way to produce protein.

Currently 33% of our crop producing land is used to feed our animals, it is estimated that the calories lost in this process could feed another 3.5 billion people alone. What a waste — not forgetting the pressure it is putting on our space dilemma and soil degradation.

Entocycle’s black soldier fly bio-conversion cycle solution produces high protein animal feed plus sustainable fertiliser, with no waste. Turning the current feeding protocol obsolete and the impasse in food production unchained.

Currently they are located at GreenLab, London’s first incubator workspace for sustainable urban farming entrepreneurs and agritech startups.

Andrew Gregson (GreenLab) is pioneering a community to support food innovators in the capital — so share, like, comment, post — do whatever you wish to spread the word that a £14 billion sector now has a place to flourish in the heart of London.

Startups like Keiran’s are changing the way the world operates step by step, and it’s kind of refreshing that its not coming from Silicon Valley… yet.

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