We had a chat with Sam (the founder) and Adam (the App Developer) at Log my Care about what is really important when working in a startup and came to the topic of believing in what you’re working on and the importance of trusting your team.


Sam sees it as something simple: You should “believe in what you’re building. The excitement of being in a startup is in what you, as a team, are creating and if you don’t care about it you might as well be in a business that pays you!”


It’s very important to be excited by the vision. Especially when working in a startup, when you’re dealing with a lot of responsibility, pressure and stress. If you aren’t really interested in what you’re creating, it’s difficult to stay organised and focused, and it just feels like a burden.


When talking about challenges, Adam thinks that “there are so many things to focus on and so many issues that are urgent and it’s difficult to know how to prioritise and which ones to work on each day. You don’t have enough time to do all, hence, you need to choose and that’s hard.”


Thankfully, you’re never on your own. Having a team that you can rely on can simplify your decision making and relieve your stress.


The best solution, as Adam was telling us, is to “try splitting roles as clearly as we can and own problems ourselves. We help each other out with decision making but we don’t both need to get drawn into the details of everything. The point of having a good team is to trust each other and that person will go and fix the problem so you can just focus on yours.”


Everyone has different skills and strengths, and if in your team you can fill in each other’s gaps, that can definitely reduce stress and help in increasing productivity. It’s all linked and it can be very transparent. If you trust your team, it will show in your work and in the growth of your business.




Read the rest of our interview with Sam and Adam here.


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