Working at a startup can be very challenging, a ride of ups and downs, a constant exercise of combining perseverance, hard work and faith in what you are building.

We talked to Abe, the Content Curator at QDOOZ, and she told us that “[When working at a startup,] sometimes you get too much work and you have to do too many things at once” (...). “You have to be organised and get things out of the way. I’d say that’s kind of the biggest challenge that I have faced.”

That sounds demanding and very hardworking. But Abe also gets to know the best of working at a startup:

“When it comes to positives, there’s a lot of them. Definitely the experience from having so many responsibilities and a variety of work. You meet a lot of new people and there’s always the feeling that you have actually accomplished something when you get a lot of things done in a day.”


If you were wondering what the day-to-day in a startup looks like, that’s it. If you unsure about working in a startup, just know that “it looks amazing on your CV”, which is always a good thing, and maybe a good way to start!


“Moreover, you really have a chance to voice your opinions and ideas, which is different than working for a company that has got hundreds of employees, where you just do the work and your opinion has no value. So, if you really want to have your say in a company and you want to see it flourish, work for a startup.”


What do you say? Are you ready to give startups a chance?




Read the rest of our interview with Abe here.


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