Networking is a great part of what makes coworking so engaging, fun and a great place to learn from other people. We talked to Aaron, the founder of Clubhouse Property Guardians, and he told us about his experience at Launch22:


“I’ve been part of the space for the past year and it has been amazing. It has genuinely been a life changer. I wouldn’t have made the connection with so many important people that have helped me launch Clubhouse Property Guardians. Everyone is so supportive.

Any time I’ve needed help or a connection for anything in particular, everyone [at Launch22 has] always been available to help. It has been a really fun and great place to be, and it’s been good for me to get out of the house and see people on a day to day basis and not be on my own all the time.” (…)

“I have been to a few events, and there’s always new things going. Even if something is not quite your cup of tea or you don’t particularly love it, there’s always something different next week. There’s lots of diversity and choice which I think is fun.” (…) “Plus, you end up meeting other people who are on a similar journey on their own business, you make good friendships and you help each other improve and bring new ideas to the table.”


Networking in a coworking space is definitely real. It’s a way of easily meeting other people who come from other skill-sets and backgrounds that can help your business, so why not give it a try?



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