Whilst talking to Isy, the Press and Communications Manager at Sepsis Trust we came to understand that working at a small, relatively new company like Sepsis has a lot of the same challenges and thrills of a startup.

Isy told us that, within a small company, there’s the opportunity and a chance “to shape what we are doing and the way we do it too, and it is quite exciting to come to an organisation where you can be a part of the shaping and decision making of how things work rather than following the plan that has been going for ten years.”

You can take the best or the worse of each opportunity that comes your way and you shouldn’t  “be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting involved with things that aren’t necessarily your job.”

Plus, if you know what you like to do at your job, make it clear to others that you enjoy that and “ask to do more of it. In startups and young companies the roles aren’t set in stone, so don’t be afraid to try and make your job something that involves things that you really enjoy doing and that you are really good at.”


I would say that that’s a good step to make the best of your job, right?


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