Sharing personal challenges is what ‘s most enjoyable about coworking.

At Launch I met Sammy, Managing Director of UKPA, who made me feel as though I’m not the only one :).

In fact, she said: “[Fede], the number one challenge is learning to do more with less.”


As I’m working solo on this, I know I can’t do everything, so I need to be selective and choose what adds value to our members. This allows me to avoid pouring energy into what doesn’t grow the business.

Organic growth is critical to UKPA and I’m focusing on it.


This is the typical chicken and egg scenario where we have to grow our membership in order to add more value to our members.

Btw We’re hiring so, if you know anyone let me know (chuckles).”


When you're alone running a business, you'll need to work smart. Many things might seem important but at the end of the day there are some metrics that count more than others, and for UKPA it's memberships.


What’s yours?


Understand your own and start working on it and the rest will come along with interns and then employees.

If you are interested in Sammy’s UKPA, take a look at this blog piece or if you need any advice from the Launch22 crew about your biz, feel free to get in touch HERE!