Launch22: Big News…

Since the turn of the year and the launch of our new space in KX, we’ve been working on a few other projects and the one that we are proudest of is Launch22's Incubator programme. 


Now this programme is a little different from your standard Incubator programme. As a charity, we focus on supporting people from all walks of life, with that in mind, each entrepreneur in the cohort has faced or is facing some form of barrier to work. Whether that be through a long-term illness or having been through the justice system, we feel everyone deserves  the opportunity to run their own business.


These 8, driven entrepreneurs are currently in week 10 of our 12-week programme and are working on startups from K-beauty to health juices to parenting apps… eclectic right? 


Well, the time is almost upon us to release these entrepreneurs and their startups into the wider world and we’re planning this release with them in the form of “demo day”. Think Dragon’s Den but without the ominous scowls from a Deborah Meaden or a Peter Jones (although if they are reading this…you are both more than welcome to attend!)


We’re really excited to host this event in the amazing backyard cinema space at Mercato Metropolitano. The current space theme is a fitting metaphor, given these entrepreneurs are “launching” their businesses (I promise, that’s the first and last cheesy pun!)


So, by now we’ve probably got your attention and you’re asking yourself “how can I get tickets?”. Do you match any of the following criteria? If so, it may be your lucky day!


Are you:


- Interested in the start-up world?
- A budding entrepreneur that has faced some form of a barrier to work?
- VC or angel investor? 
- Looking to support early stage entrepreneurs?
- Running another incubator/accelerator programme?
- Interested in unlimited free food and drinks? 


If we have described you, we aren’t fortune tellers but… you qualify! Except the unlimited free food and drink person…. we’re a charity after all!


Confirming you are one of the bullet points above register your interest here!


We look forward to seeing you there :) (especially you, Deborah and Peter!)