Launch22 and Tech City's Digital Business Academy are now partners!

Tech City fosters growth and scale in companies and individuals to promote opportunities in the UK tech startup ecosystem. Through the sharing of resources, connecting individuals and supporting startups Tech City aims to strengthen the pipeline of talent and raise the profile of the UK digital tech sector.

At the core of this mission is Tech City’s Digital Business Academy (DBA) and it has been developed to support aspiring entrepreneurs ensuring they can acquire the skills and know-how they need to run a successful tech business. How do they do this? Through editorials, campaigns, tutorials, events and community engagement they aim to refine their digital enterprise acumen and support the next stage of their journey. Through a reward system DBA’s earn as you learn scheme challenges the participants to engage with their content and learn the necessary skills for their business.


Launch22 is delighted to announce our partnership to support Tech City and the Academy in realising it’s mission. We are happy to provide Tech City’s members with 5 days co-working space where they can start building their startup with access to our cohort of industrial experts for mentoring as part of DBA’s rewards based system.


This partnership indicates significant progression towards both of our combined ambitions as organisations; this is incredible news! Firstly, this helps us at Launch22 in our new venture to grow the impact we can have on helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds; allowing them to learn the skills they need to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. What’s even better is that it also increases the effectiveness of the Digital Business Academy in their mission to build a pipeline of high-growth tech businesses through nurturing talent. United, this partnership will help strengthen the wider London startup environment, improve sharing of information and increase the chances of success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

That sounds great to us, don’t you think?