Well, it finally happened!


Launch22 has moved to 32 Cubitt Street and our members will need some guidance about entrepreneurship…

What? A blog about entrepreneurship? Nah.


As the Italian community manager of Launch22, my piece will be about restaurants and cafes around Old str… King’s Cross!


Our area is full of surprises!


Whenever I happen to forget my lunch on the kitchen counter, I’m out of the office, ready to turn my forgetfulness into a small culinary expedition and a chance to bump into the “locals”.


This is a list of places I’ve visited and enjoyed in the area so far (as I’m sure you will too).


Given its relative brevity, you might assume I have some pretty high standards and you’d be right in thinking that! You can blame my grandmother’s cooking for that.


A stone’s throw from 32 Cubitt Street, precisely 100.39 metres away (dunno the feet) from Launch22 on King’s Cross Road, you may find plenty of nice and suitable places for clients meeting such as;


Sen Viet, a cosy and quiet Vietnamese restaurant, where their Pho is a must have!


A few doors down from there (the Vietnamese) is a peculiar family-run Chinese restaurant, very convenient and traditional, called Laoma. The husband and wife team running the place are very friendly (the wife is the ever-cheery face of the operation while her husband is the hand behind all their delicious food) and you can enjoy a hearty and authentic Chinese meal for only £6.50. The best part is the menu changes every day!


Another excellent discovery has been Niven’s Deli, further along the road. Niven, the owner, is a connoisseur of fine English food and will guide you through a succulent exploration of some of the best edible wares this sometimes-unforgiving island has to offer.


Some of the best salt beef I’ve ever had!


Any respectable Italian will tell you lunch doesn’t end with the food, but only when a proper espresso is made by a savvy barista and followed by what we could define as general café talk (your life, football, other people’s lives…) and a small glass of water (to be consumed BEFORE the coffee).

All of this is the most affordable kind of magic around.


While busy prepping our space for the new opening, I inadvertently happened upon a deceptively named café: Costa’s Café (notice the apostrophe, not to be confused with the apostrophe-less Costa Coffee..or is that the intent?) As soon as I stepped foot inside, I knew I was onto something. The old coffee machine, the smell of roasted coffee beans and the affable conversation thrown my way by Costa himself literally brought me back to my hometown…and good espresso for £1.30 is quite the discovery here in London, believe me!


All I can say for now is that I’ve been eating a wee bit too much while my wallet has instead managed to shave off a few pounds J.


As soon as this trend is reversed, I’ll be coming back to you with plenty of new edible curiosities.


We would like to promote our new neighbourhood /community so if you want to get in touch with Launch22 just email me at federico@launch22.co.uk .


I’m looking forward to share some dishes with you! FEDE OUT.