90% of entrepreneurs fail in year 1 due to lack of support, lack of skills and poor networks


We provide a structured, 3 month process which will equip entrepreneurs with the skills, support and networks they need to make their idea a success


This is offered in the form of the Launch22 incubator programme. Targeted towards people who face barriers to work in the UK

Applications are now open and deadline is 30th March. To apply, click through to the form below



The Launch22 Incubator Programme is targeting individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Diversity of experience and background are key to creating enterprises and products, from motivated individuals, that appeal to people from all walks of life.


We encourage applications from people:

- With a reference from a charity that supports you – E.g. Relating to the following areas: Criminal Justice,          Refugee welfare, Disability, Youth empowerment

- In receipt of at least one benefit or tax credit, with proof of evidence - E.g. Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income   Support Allowance

- Unemployed, with proof of evidence - E.g. confirmed by P45 or by your last place of work


At the end of the 3 months, each successful participant will have:

- Launched a viable startup (MVP stage)
- Professional pitch to investors - pitching to a crowd of 50+
- Skills development - lean thinking, cashflow management, sales, marketing and more
- Enhanced network and social capital
- Improved confidence, motivation to work, flexibility, and willingness to learn and mind set for work. 
- Portfolio Project Final Report - online profile and article for each entreprenuer's journey

- Introductions to potential Investors, Accelerators and Employers

- Continual support from Launch22 community beyond the programme

Our Mentors