Ruth Vakrat

Digital, User Experience (UX) Design, Service Design (SD), Entrepreneur

Ruth has over ten years of experience in user research, digital product strategy, and customer experience design across digital and blended channels. Her work is understanding and validating user needs and creating simple, compelling experiences around some of the most complex products and processes that exist today. Ruth helped to develop products for the biggest global brands in entertainment, gaming, financial and automotive industries.

Ruth is devoted to creating beautiful, clear and simple experiences (on the screen and beyond) that is the result of an accurate understanding of the user, the business needs and the technology used. She is passionate about education and is a co-founder of Campus-72 that was created to change how core digital professions are being taught and to provide an educational experience that is diverse, social and exciting.



User Research and validation

Wireframes (for websites and other digital channels)

Service Design (for non-digital channels)

Product Design

Pitch decks and other on business communication and message simplification