Ghilaine Chan

Plug-in COO

What to do next; People-Centric Business Growth; Scaling Operations; Time, People and Business Management
I help people gain the confidence to live their life and run their business on their terms. I love to see it when people change their habits and patterns, prioritising their time and energy to focus on what matters.

My career spans a few industries with the thick thread of technology running through it, doing those gluey jobs that hold companies and teams together, or the oily ones that make things run smoothly. Mostly the ones that are at the back that everyone is glad they don't have to do!

When you want to do more of the activities that play to your strengths and keeps you in flow, the world overwhelms you with administration and management.  Anything worth doing takes hard work - consistently and reliably, but that is easier said than done, so you procrastinate or try lots of tools to 'control' the avalanche.

I help you map out what needs to be done, when and how and build a plan and way of life so you achieve your goals. Sometimes you just need to know what you should do next. I can help you with that. That plays to my strength and keeps me in flow.



  • Employee and Customer Centric Products and Processes

  • Business Management, ensuring profitability

  • Connecting the many moving parts of business

  • Interconnecting People, Business & Technology

  • Simple and Effective Communication