Ozan Dagdeviren

Author and Founder

Analytical and creative aspiring polymath who is passionate about understanding human behavior and using that understanding to create tangible value. Currently acting as the founder and chief consultant of CommonWisdom Consultancy LTD, London which provides mentoring for startups and helps businesses make better people decisions on recruitment, management and company culture.

Author of;
Startups Grow With People: How to Pick Partners, Recruit the Top Talent and Build a Company Culture
Creative Hiring: The Pinnacle Model for Spontaneous, Imaginative, Collaborative Interviews (Amazon HR & Leadership Category Bestseller) 
The Other Way: Happiness Through Critical Thinking (Translated to English)

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Commonwisdom.co (A Web Magazine with high quality content on Startups, Culture, Career Design) 

iyimezun.com (A social platform aimed at giving equal opportunity to fresh graduate job seekers through an algorithmic questionnaire that predicts future workplace success)
hergunogren.com (An episodic learning service that creates curated video content for professional skill development) 


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