Our Workspace


Many startup incubators are exclusive and expensive. We are turning that on its head. Every new entrepreneur in London and Liverpool, can access great workspace, regardless of their economic or social situation.

At Launch22, we are not just providing a great workspace, we’re creating a community, a place where people can offer advice and guidance to each other, where they can collaborate on new or existing ideas, and, of course, make new friends along the way.

The space has been built with co-working in mind. Our 20m long, up-cycled scaffold board table is the centrepiece of our converted space in the heart of Shoreditch.

The space brings people together. During the day, interactions are happening constantly between members, with meetings throughout the space bringing fresh faces and new ideas into the mix. At night, the incubator turns into multi-purpose event spaces, with different groups hosting events and workshops amidst our very own signature events, Speed Networking, Entrepreneurs Anonymous and Fireside Chat to name a few.