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Eligibility Criteria

The Launch22 Scholarship Programme aims to help people who are experiencing barriers to entrepreneurship. The programme is founded on the belief that everybody, regardless of background or experience, should have the opportunity to create a successful enterprise. With the right resources and support, anybody can launch their business idea off the ground!


We accept applications from people:

• With a reference from a charity that supports you - E.g. Relating to the following areas: Criminal Justice, Refugee welfare, Disability, Youth empowerment.


• In receipt of at least one benefit or tax credit, with proof of evidence - E.g. Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income  Support Allowance.


• Unemployed, with proof of evidence - E.g. Confirmed by P45 or by your last place of work.


• BAME or female individuals

*Please note that entrepreneurs seeking funding or current full-time students are exempt from the scholarship program.


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