Tim Corrigan

Tech consultant and CTO at Qdooz

Do you need help making the best technical decisions to make your startup a success?

With 17 years of experience in full stack web and mobile application development, Tim brings extensive leadership skills to both startups and established technology companies. He is passionate about delivering high quality, business-relevant software through the use of Agile and Lean methods.

Tim is also available to speak at events with a particular focus and passion for demystifying technology.


-Technical strategy and feasibility. Questions like - is this approach sound or perhaps there is an easier way to do it?

-Guiding you through the jargon from developers.

-Interim CTO functions including overseeing development, reviewing code/architecture choices and assisting with investment pitches.

-Advice on hiring developers (both in-house and external) including reviewing project bids, CVs, interviewing.

-Developing web and mobile based software for your MVP and onwards.