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Emotional Intelligence for Startups, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Startups, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, are you ...

  • Eager to Improve?

  • Stressed? On the verge of Burning-Out?

  • Looking to Scale your Leadership with your Business?

  • Having Co-Founder Struggles?

  • Lonely?

Jono Elliot, co-founder of EQBetter, will walk you through the concept of Emotional Intelligence; what it is, how it is relevant to you, and how you can apply it in your daily life.

Come prepared to have some fun, deepen your self-awareness and willing to improve!

The learning outcomes:

  • Overview of Emotional Intelligence

  • Increased Personal Effectiveness - emotional literacy, values, motivation, stress.

  • Improved Interpersonal Relationships - empathy, trust, communication, expectations.

  • Organizational Development - culture, vision.

  • Tools for increasing your Emotional Intelligence

We look forward to seeing you there!