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Enhance your co-founder relationship

We can all agree that running a startup is no mean feat , and the last thing anyone wants in that position is more legal documents to go through. However, it is precisely this mentality - the mentality that anything unrelated to the client or product can be left until later - that causes so many startups to collapse.  Not because they have failed to comply with a certain regulation, but because of internal conflict that could easily have been avoided with the implementation of certain basic legal documents.  

Did you know?

Miscommunication between co-founders is the leading cause of failure for startups. 


Navigating your businesstowards success is no easy mountain to climb, and you don’t want to put in all the hard work only to be tripped up into failure by something so simple as a miscommunication.Linkilaw is here to equip you with both the knowledge and contracts you need to ensure not only that your business can survive, but also thrive. 


Join us at Launch22 to learn about how to make your co-founder relationships, and therefore your business impregnable. At Linkilaw we believe everyone should have access to affordable, quick and reliable legal advice. We will cover areas including: 


-      Importance of Internal relationships

-      Why have a co-founder?

-      The co-founder problem

-      Shareholders agreements

-      Moving Forward: Understanding what you need to do together 


We hope you’ll leave this event with a greater understanding of how to avoid the pitfall most start-ups fail to acknowledge, and thereby protect your business. We will help you gain a deeper insight into the importance of effective and sustainable relationships in your business, and make sure you are ready for investors, ready for competitors, and most importantly, ready to work together. 


You’ll also get the chance to book a FREE 30-minute session with one of our legal specialists! 

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Linkilaw is The Legal Platform For Startups & SME’s. We're passionate about ensuring all freelancers and businesses have the very best legal advice on hand to start and scale on the right track. We help clients find the right lawyer, at the most competitive price, across a wide range of legal areas. Our legal marketplace enables us to outsource more complex and specific issues, to ensure even the most bespoke legal questions get answered.

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