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Releasing Your Mind; Goals & Storytelling


On 30th of August at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Launch22 presents 'Releasing Your Mind; Goals & Storytelling' - a new and exciting event for those who seek motivation and inspiration for kick-starting or empowering their business!

So come along for a relaxed evening of networking and panel discussions!



This event - including presentations, workshop and panel discussion - will give you the tips, tools and techniques around goal-setting and innovation storytelling, in the business context...

... the event is highly practical, arming you with advice you can use immediately, to help you achieve AUDACIOUS ambitions, and keep on track doing so!


Guest Speakers:



Now a full-time Coach & Mentor, Stephen showed early signs of entrepreneurial promise - making 40% profit on Coke cans bought from the Co-op and re-sold to school friends, at the age of 11 - through to being spotted and trained for leadership, as a pilot, by the Royal Air Force at 15 years old.

Stephen subsequently spent 25 years working in advertising management. During and since that time, he has been a highly effective leader, manager, entrepreneur, mentor and non-executive director to many individuals and companies.

As well as setting up Chandler & Friends, Stephen is also a Chair of Edvent (an education and learning platform), Business Ambassador for the School of Hard Knocks charity, and joint Chair of the Graeme Robertson Trust.

He has published a book about advertising management and effectiveness - '(Client) Service Manual' - and is a Fellow of the Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing.



Having spent over 30 years driving innovation across a wide range of industries, Andrew has built up a reputation as a passionate technologist, innovator and disruptor.

A published author with a background in research and a qualification in foresight, he is best known for “Igniting Innovation Initiatives” through his briefings, keynotes and workshops in his work as an Innovation Catalyst.

The majority of his time is spent scanning and scouting for changes in the TIPS (Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Start-ups) behind the trends that are driving new business models and shaping consumer behaviour today.

He contemplates the impacts and implications these will have on society, industry and the individuals within. Weaving these into colourful and credible stories, specifically designed to inspire audiences and clients across the world, he helps them to envisage a wide range of multiple possible futures that will be fuelled, accelerated and enabled by technology and change.




Martin is all about the human: constantly exploring why we think, how we make decisions, how habits, behaviours, prejudice and biases are formed, and ultimately how we can understand all of it, and create positive outcomes.

He is blessed with a rare brain type - rapid cognition - which makes him a dynamo at solving problems.

He's used these skills to invent a few things, the top two being:

1) A new type if mathematics (irrational mathematics), in order to create true personalisation is education, platfroms and retail experiences.

2) A problem-solving model using nine disciplines: behavioural economics, science (neuro, behavioural, data), psychology (individual, customer), philospohy, emotional intelligence, and mathematics.

He loves helping people and companies to grow. He's a 16-time Sales, Leadership and Inspiration Award winner. He's also the published author of three books: 'Using Technology to Sell', 'The Universal Law', and 'Preparing for the World in 2028'




Manuel is passionate about people and has a background in sales and marketing from the media industry back in Spain.


He moved to the UK nearly 10 years ago and has developed a career in People & Development in hospitality, working for some of the biggest hotel chains, such as Intercontinental, W Hotel, and recently making a move to Soho House, a private members club for the creative industries.

In recent years he's been working in parallel as Life Coach, getting a deeper understanding about self-development tools.


Do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions!


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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