MakeSweat: A two minute Startup Success Story

By Matthew Rooke


MakeSweat is a success story that proves no dream is too great or too outlandish to succeed when infused with the right mentality and given the right support.  Its goal, like the platform itself, is simple and elegant; through easy one button clicks, it gives sport lovers and clubs the ability to easily sign up to training sessions and races as well as bringing them together under one community. 


Its birth, excuse the pun, occurred in just under two minutes in a frantic yet fun little event we host here called Pitch Night where entrepreneurs filled with dreams, along with plenty of Budweiser, pitch their concepts to a table of chosen judges. It was just those two minutes that changed founder Nick Bailey’s life forever.


It was there he met Stephane Malhomme, a mentor and Marketing consultant who works with his clients through his firm Jobologies. Fortunately for us Stephane loves The Apprentice and was eager to act as a judge. He saw potential in Nick’s idea and worked with him to provide the advice he needed in building his startup.


MakeSweat has grown far from its humble beginnings with us through the recent endorsement by the London Triathlon League to host the results of the Junior and Senior Triathlon League. With up to 1,000 athletes competing in each race, this gives MakeSweat a huge opportunity to engage sports people all over the London area.



MakeSweat has transformed into a burgeoning national platform that now not only brings people together but works to promote and assist sporting clubs across the UK to host their own events. It now aims to grow an entire sport and wellness industry around smaller and amateur sports providers, much as Airbnb achieved with accommodation.


Despite all that Nick stressed to me that MakeSweat remains a “quintessential Launch22 company.” I asked Nick and Stephane what they felt was most important for them in building MakeSweat and what MakeSweat’s philosophy was.





Lack of experience often pushes many away from the entrepreneurial lifestyle. A recent study revealed that over 85% of small businesses feel like “they’re winging” it due to their lack of experience. It is a serious issue that can often intimidate many potential entrepreneurs from even trying, mentor Eddie Holmes however had some advice on that in our latest interview with him.


For Nick though the experience and expertise he got from our mentors was imperative in setting up his business, “I don’t know where MakeSweat would be today if it wasn’t for the advice and support I got from the mentors here at Launch, they and Stephane really did help me not just in their respective fields but in the general business advice they gave me.”


Having learned from this Nick created a platform that was truly user-friendly and uncomplicated. “We didn’t want to scare anyone away who wasn’t experienced in Triathlon, the whole point of MakeSweat was to promote the sport and grow. What Launch22 taught me was that everyone is growing, even companies as MakeSweat never began as what it is now but instead reached it slowly through experience.”





Nick emphasised to me just how important community was for him in building his business,

“It acts as a soundboard that allows you to refine and conceptualise your ideas through sounding them out and hearing what others think. Not to mention the monthly pizza days do wonders for your morale.” Well I think we can all agree with Nick on that last one! A close community is a great way not only of networking but can also provide ample motivation and encouragement.


For Nick, the whole point of MakeSweat was developing more than just a sporting platform but a community. “The last thing we wanted MakeSweat to be was an exclusive club but a true community for everyone.” Nick said to me. Now with its vast array of clubs and its hosting of both the junior and senior league results, it has placed itself within the very heart of the Triathlon community and acts now as a beacon for the sport to orbit around, a true community.


In the end MakeSweat is representative of the type of success that we strive to create here. Giving those who may not have been involved in business before or otherwise lacking in experience and finances the chance to succeed in the entrepreneurial world and effect a lasting impact within their industry. MakeSweat has achieved that and more by becoming an industry grower and is now poised for the future in exploring other avenues to take their community focused philosophy.


We all wish Nick and Stephane the best going forward in the future and we congratulate them for their recent endorsement by the London Triathlon League Committee!


If the story of Nick and MakeSweat inspires you and you are curious about developing your own startup concept, then follow the link to apply. Remember, just a few minutes of your time can change your life forever.