Launch22 was setup with the aim to help entrepreneurs from all walks of life


We do this by provision of support to early stage entrepreneurs as well as affordable workspace for more established ones


This is offered in the form of an incubator programme. Targeted towards some of the most disadvantaged of entrepreneurs in the UK

2014 Humble beginnings

humble beginnings Launch22 is an offspring of an unholy alliance between cousins David Hardman & Eddie Holmes. Both of them wanted to contribute to the leading UK's startup community in Shoreditch.

2015 Partnership


Proud to announce our partnership with National Charity Catch-22, with the aim to help entreprenurs across the UK with starting a business.

2016 Growth


With the help of Catch-22, we opened our 2nd site in Liverpool's city centre, a vibrant and creative space with a cracking rooftop.

2017 Celebration

We celebrated our second birthday with the creation of the Launch22 book. A great milestone produced by one of Launch22 members, Story Terrace.

2017 New premises

new premises

After spreading our wings to Liverpool, we saw an opportunity to relocate our London base to Kings Cross in partnership with another charity - Only Connect. Exciting times lie ahead!


IMG 9133

Completed our first 3-month programme at Mercato Metropolitano with a DEMO DAY!

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We are a bunch of crazy, awesome people! Have a look at our daily activities.