Top four things I learnt from my Launch22 Internship

By Jintana Chantschool

When I graduated from university with a degree in Biomedical Science, I didn’t have a plan for what to do next like most other graduates. I knew I didn’t want to work in a lab or continue with masters or PhDs like my classmates, so I needed to find experience elsewhere. Since I’ve always had an interest in tech and I wanted to try something completely new, I looked for roles in start-ups. When I saw the vacancy for a Marketing Intern at Launch22, I applied right away!

It’s been quite a journey, so here are the top 4 things I learnt and what anyone else considering joining a startup will most likely learn on their journey:

New skills

Before starting, I had never sent a tweet, heard of Google Analytics, Adwords, SEO, used Wordpress or ran a website for a small company. I had done some marketing before but nothing really technical or digital. So I learnt basic digital marketing concepts through creation of online content daily tasks such as editing website and event content, analytics, paid search and social media management.

Different approaches

I followed our current marketing strategies created by previous interns as well as being encouraged to add some of my own. There was no preconception at Launch22 that their way was the right way and so I added more keywords to our current Ads and new Ad categories such as “Mentors” and “Volunteer” on AdWords. This enabled a wider audience to reach our website (I was especially excited when a new member highlighted that they heard about us through a Google Ad!). I also edited some parts of the website content to make it more SEO friendly. Our numbers slowly crept up and by the end of the first quarter, sessions were up by 26% and the avg. session duration by 13%. The weekly AdWords clicks had also doubled which was great considering we are on a charity grant. More visitors are reaching our site and with a growing brand awareness they may even attend future events or book viewings for memberships!

Responsibility and adapting to a new environment

My role was not just limited to marketing. There was also event management, membership sales through viewings, emails and calls and the responsibility of running the workspace. Every day was different. I struggled a little to begin with but being adaptable was important as well as prioritising tasks accordingly. With such a variety of things to do throughout the day it was quite a different experience to my previous jobs in retail and food stalls.

Meeting new people and building a network

Probably the best part of my internship was meeting countless new people, working with a wonderful team and building great networks. Everyone has an interesting story to tell and hearing about their journeys certainly did put mine into a wider perspective.

I attended as many Launch22 events as possible to broaden my marketing knowledge and learn more about other topics. This especially helped when I started to get stuck with my work and I asked for advice from digital marketing specialists who were more than happy to give me a quick consultation (one happened to turn into a casual interview afterward). This internship has definitely been great for personal and professional growth and has also given me the confidence boost I needed and skills for my next role.

I may have overstayed my initial 3-month welcome (by 5 weeks) but it was really an enjoyable experience and a great environment to learn new things. The team at Launch22 were happy to give me lots more responsibility than I was perhaps ready for but this translated into a fast learning curve and, overall, a really useful addition to my CV — not to mention connections with some fascinating new people.