Looking for a job? What Universities don't tell you...

Is it true that a 2:1 no longer guarantees a job? Should I pay an expensive fee for uni or should I work for free for a limited time? Should I apply for a grad scheme? What’s next? Ahhh… TOO MANY QUESTIONS!

At Launch22 we’ve developed a great internship experience that we’d like to share with you.

First of all, let us say that interning with startups is fantastic because it gives you responsibilities from day 1 and allows you (or rather makes you) develop a strong hands-on approach towards every task but… in order to make things easy, we have a list of perks about being an intern that you might want to consider before getting a loan from the bank to pay Uni… Buckle UP!

1) LEARN WHAT YOU WANT TO DO: If you studied “business” or whichever subject, you might have an idea about where you want to be (if you haven’t. don’t panic!)… Well, we feel an internship is the best way to understand if your feelings coincide with reality. Real life experience is really useful and if the first internship does not work, then dust yourself off and apply for the next one!

2) DEVELOP ACTUAL SKILLS: An internship gives you the time to develop your skills with the help of people who are working in the sector and that’s great! Building confidence is very important and this also allows you to apply the knowledge gained in university, and maybe realise that theory can help but doesn’t include the “life variable” which is inevitably there!

3) BUILD CONTACTS: The main resource you will have when struggling, is people. Sounds like a strong statement but there is a limit to the knowledge you will gather over the years and you will inevitably need people to complement yourself. So meet, talk, learn, add them on LinkedIn ASAP.

4) GET STUCK INTO THE WORLD OF WORK: Nothing is as valuable as seeing first hand how a business is run, being part of a team, meeting customers and feeling the pressure tasks need to be completed.

Whilst university essays and deadlines teach you how to organise yourself against a word count, startups and businesses teach you survival skills for the working world!

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