3 Tips to Succeed - with Rabble

Exercising can sometimes be a bit of a drab but Launch22 member Rabble makes getting your fitness fix fun and memorable by getting you involved in numerous team games.  Having only been founded 2 years ago by Charlotte Roach, Rabble can already be found all across England (pretty impressive).

Before suffering an injury which would force her athletic career to a halt, Charlotte was training as a professional athlete and preparing to compete in the London 2012 Olympic games. Eventually, she then found herself as a construction manager in London but the role lacked the excitement and drive she was used to. Even trips to the gym were becoming a chore with no one to train with and little human interaction involved.

There had to be a more engaging way of exercising and Charlotte knew that she herself could make exercise fun and enjoyable. Leaving her day job, Charlotte began working on a business that would enable people access to much more varied, exciting and engaging team based forms of exercise. Thus became Rabble.

Speaking to Charlotte about her experiences so far, there are many valuable hints and tips for anyone looking to start their own business or even for those in the midst of a startup.

Test your product or service out before you invest any money into it.

One of the key pieces of advice I received from Charlotte was to make sure your product is viable before placing any investments into it.

It’s essential that what your product have to offer will be well received by the public. This will also force you to make tweaks to the product or service that you may not have come across before – you will never have a perfect product, but getting close to it should always be your aim.

Though garnering lots of attention on sites such as ‘meetup’ Charlotte realised that those signing up were potentially too unreliable to establish Rabble on. Alongside issues of sourcing sporting equipment, finding a reliable member base was essential.

Make sure you have a market for your product/service

This is very important. You may have the best product, but if you don’t have a clear target market or do not have a clear gap in the market for what you want to provide, then no matter how good you think the product is, it’s unlikely to succeed.

The market gap for Rabble was clear, with no company providing invigorating team games to the general public. There are many other ways that you could help you figure out whether you have a good product, for example at Launch22, there are mentors in different industries that could help guide you through identifying your target audience.

Try not to do everything yourself whenever it’s possible

One of the inevitabilities that come with starting a startup are the endless piles of work.

What is also an inevitability is the lack of funding and therefore a lack of resources and permanent employees to help support the workload, so if you’re able to find help for even just an hour, take it.

In the early days, Rabble experienced high signups but the nature of the sites Charlotte was using to attract participants meant that these numbers never guaranteed full conversion into actual members. Too many no-shows meant not enough people for team games. So, in order to fill numbers, Charlotte invited her own friends to join in – which led to good first impressions of Rabble and importantly fun games!

After listening to Charlotte, you can definitely see her excitement and passion for sports and Rabble and it’s something she wants everyone to know about. Through Charlotte’s failures and eventual growing success, there is much that can be learnt and applied to your own startup.

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