Start-up tips: Marketing skin bugs

How do you market skin bugs from a start-up base in Silicon Roundabout? A skincare line, Gallinée, has used the tactics of the tech start-up to market a unique skincare line that looks after the good bacteria in your body.

Though not exactly what comes to mind of when you think about the ‘infamous’ Silicon Roundabout Marie, Founder and CEO, has used the ‘new school’ tactics of the tech start-up to accelerate her business. Gallinée is now one of many success stories from the Launch22 family. As a skincare line Galinée wants to take care of your micro biome (all the good bacteria in your body). We spoke to Marie to find out what she needed for a successful business.

1) Prototyping

There’s always a certain excitement when that brilliant idea for a business strikes you however the preparation and dedication to be ahead of the curve saw Gallinée excel that idea into reality.

3 months before Gallinée officially launched they had a prototype ready and waiting. The product was distributed to a handful of journalists and some key retailers to try. When it came to actually getting the product on the shelves it was about persistence, but also about innovation: in such a crowded market, buyers appreciated the unique product. Gallinée is the first skincare brand taking care of your good bacteria and talking openly about it. It does antagonise part of their audience but the public opinion is changing very quickly in their perception of bacteria.

2) Make sure you have the right help.

As much as some of us hate to admit, we all need help sometimes. We don’t know it all, so consulting the right person is an essential part of the process to turn ideas into reality.

When it came to raising money crowd funding was a full time job in itself. Marie found Kelly Angood from Indiegogo, who provided the crowd funding help for Marie’s business. If you can catch one of Kelly’s workshops, go for it. Launch22 mentors Joaquim Canet and Benjamin Schnau can be added to the list of helpful names, talking through Gallinée’s kickstarter campaign and reviewing business plans.

Gallinée had a full marketing plan for their Kickstarter campaign. The results turned out to be more than just money with 800 presold products, early consumer feedback and interest from certain retailers.

3) Don’t be afraid to talk.

Never be afraid to talk about your project. A lot of entrepreneurs are scared people are going to steal their idea. Actually no one is going to steal your idea. People will try to help you. What’s going to make it work isn’t the idea it’s the hard work you’re going to put behind it!

From working in a business incubator Marie has had access to the wealth of knowledge from the business experts that are the Launch22 mentors.Working in a space where other start-ups are doing the same as well, being afraid to talk about your idea could only harm your business.

So there it is. Gallinée, a small skincare line in the heart of Silicon Roundabout making lots of noise and gaining serious ground in the beauty industry. If you’re interested in the Launch22 business incubator don’t be shy and arrange a visit.