Get a Head Start during the slow month of August.

August is notoriously known for being a slow month for business. A time where responses to emails take that bit longer, a time where the out-of-office email is seen ever more frequently. This is because people are using this time to go on their holidays during the summer months. We all know that it can be frustrating for anyone that is still working on making their start-up successful, if during a whole month of the year, clients, suppliers and partners are all M.I.A, and it could make you feel like maybe you should do the same as everybody else and disappear for a couple of weeks, but there are true benefits to using this time to your advantage.

As a start up company, there is so much for you think about and do, that sometimes parts of the business gets neglected, and that is definitely not what you want to happen. So why don’t you use this month to concentrate on some of the aspects of the business that you may not have paid as much attention to, especially parts of the business that could help to move the business forward if a little extra time was dedicated to it.

Another benefit to working during the August month is that the type of distractions that you would have had to handle alongside your general work in the start up like dealing with other businesses enquiries will become less frequent, as generally the people at the other end of the phone are probably relaxing on a sunny beach somewhere enjoying their summer holiday. That leaves you with the opportunity to concentrate and work on your business and do the things that you started your start up for in the first place. Whether it was to show off your exciting new product or to evaluate previous results to try and find ways of being far more efficient once August has ended and people are coming back from their holidays.

All in all, even though August is notoriously known for being a slow month for business, that doesn’t mean that you and your business has to slow down as well. Use this time to prepare your start up, so that once your competitors and partners all come back and are ready to go, you well have a well earned head start, and I believe that is essentially what a lot start ups wish they had when the work starts to pile up.