Launch22 - The only affordable co-working space in Shoreditch


Many startup incubators are exclusive and expensive. We are turning that on its head. Every new entrepreneur in London can access great workspace, regardless of their economic or social situation.

The space brings people together because when you are in Launch, you are not just with co-workers but friends!


Fixed Desk

Slightly withdrawn from the co-working area, our fixed desk provides an ideal group brainstorming space, whilst remaining a part of the Launch22 community. The fixed desk area is ideal for teams and one-man- band who want more privacy and a good le




Co-working (HOT-DESKING)

The space has been built with fun in mind. Our 7.5m long, up-cycled scaffold board table is the centrepiece of our converted space. Ready to share your ideas, get stuck on tasks, call customers, get coffee addiction and...HAVE FUN? 



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