Laura Melissa Williams

Innovation Consultant & Entrepreneur

Laura is passionate about developing products, services and businesses based on what people need and desire. Over the past decade she’s worked on a wide range of commercial and social projects with businesses including Sony, Google, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson and Experian. She’s tackled many challenges, including designing the future of women’s training with Nike, innovating funeral and end-of-life services and working with sex-workers to design healthcare services that work for them. Currently Head of Front-end Innovation at the Good Lab, an organisation established to help blue chip charities transform fundraising.

Co-founder of two businesses, she has 10+ years’ experience across insight, innovation & strategy – ex Future Laboratory, ex Sense Worldwide (trend / innovation consultancies worth checking out).

When she's not imagining how companies and services can be transformed, she's also an accomplished artist and expert kite flyer who reckons she once saw an upside down rainbow.


  • Service Design

  • Consumer insight to shape business models

  • Prototyping / startup strategy