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The Natural Networker

  • Launch22 31A Corsham Street London, England, N1 6DR United Kingdom (map)

Darren Kam Presents The Natural Networker!

Networking is a buzzword in the world of business. Everyone is telling you to do it, and thus you’ve signed up to lots of business events, armed with a dozen of business cards, with the aim of growing your business by convincing other people to provide you with the opportunities to do so.

The problem is, this rarely happens. Most often, we go to business events with the intention of networking, but it always seems to fall flat. We give out lots of business cards, and get very few replies in return. This can become somewhat disheartening, and we feel that networking doesn’t work.

Why does this happen?

As children, we are taught not to speak to strangers. As an adult this is incredibly disempowering, as there are specific situations where you need to speak to strangers. In this case, we need to speak to strangers to create opportunities to grow our business.

What most people do is try to act in a way that they believe is appropriate to the situation. The problem with this is that people can feel it when you put up a façade to deal with them. Whilst they may not know how you feel about the situation, they do not feel like they are connecting with you.

Why is this important?

For a business to sell its products or services, it must connect to its audience. For you to grow your business through networking, you must connect with fellow business owners. If you fail to do this, then people will simply forget who you are. This happens all the time, as people are inundated with things to remember.

How can we address this?

We need to understand what it means to connect with others, and how this applies in a business context. Connecting with others is at the heart of all face-to-face interaction, but connecting with people personally and professionally are slightly different.

What will I be learning?

During this seminar, I will cover things such as:

  • What is networking?
  • What makes people follow up with people?
  • What should I look to get out of networking?
  • Why does it matter where I network?
  • Why do most networking events suck?
  • Why are some people better networkers than others?
  • How can I network in everyday life?
  • How can I make the most of my time networking?
  • How can I use networking to grow my business?

Why should you listen to Darren?

Darren has spent 3 years learning how to speak to strangers. This has led to him being invited to an African wedding by a guy he met in McDonalds, being invited to the 21st birthday party of a guy he met outside Nando’s, and joining a group of Americans in Berlin for their New Year’s Day celebrations.

He is also an event organiser for The London Shyness Social Group, the chairman of No Name Corporation, a mentor for the charity Launch22, and is involved in a variety of projects related to his work. This is because he puts the principles of networking into practice on a daily basis.

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Later Event: September 29
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