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The Radical Entrepreneur RETURNS!

  • Launch22 31A Corsham Street London, England, N1 6DR United Kingdom (map)


The Radical Entrepreneur is a one-of-a-kind Masterclass for ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders and all those serious about radically shifting the way they communicate and pitch so that their impact rockets. 
Unlike other pitch workshops, this Masterclass will give you the opportunity to develop spontaneity, charisma and original thought - so you truly stand out.

Passion is a hugely admirable trait and will set you apart from the rest. It makes a statement about who you are - a rare, determined person who will make their dreams happen with or without the help of the investor you are pitching to. When you pitch from this place, others will want to be a part of your success story. You need to pitch with every ounce of passion that drives you.

Amy is an actress turned Performance Coach who uses her unique blend of acting and transformational experience to change the way you communicate your business. She will share her razor-sharp insights to creating a Passionate Pitch so that no matter whom you are talking to, you will own the “stage” and your words will land with maximum power.

Amy has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurial leaders in London, San Francisco and Istanbul, including TED speakers, CEO's and high-profile actors.


• How to raise your value whenever you pitch and present.

• How to be spontaneous so you sound exciting rather than flat.

• How to harness your energy into incredible power that gets you results.

• How to be truly compelling and original whenever you speak.

• How to let go of what anyone thinks so your performance rockets.

This will be a quick, intense 1.5-hour workshop designed solely to get you pitching in a radically new way so you leave with a fire in your belly.


1. Come prepared to pitch your business - 2 minutes max. Participation voluntary.

2. Or, you can simply observe and learn.

You will get individual, laser-focussed feedback on how you present and come across. And you will leave feeling less stuck in your head and closer to unlocking your talent.


A highly trained London-based actress with 20 years of professional theatre experience. Worked with Kenneth Branagh on the film Love's Labour's Lost and set up two theatre companies: Shotgun Theatre with actor Tom Hardy in 2006, and Killer Theatre in 2009 culminating in a West End play at The Trafalgar Studios, London.

Trained mostly in The Meisner Technique, which teaches presence, spontaneity and connection - all absolutely crucial qualities to becoming a BRILLIANT communicator. Students of this method include Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dustin Hoffman and James Gandolfini, plus many more luminaries of the acting world. Her work with entrepreneurs, although rooted in acting training, is firmly applied within a business context. You will not be pretending to be trees. Unless you really want.

Her mission is to get the entrepreneurial world speaking with the same brilliance as world-class actors and to pitch with the passion of a natural-born performer.

To find out more about Amy, go here.