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The secret to developing your emotional intelligence

There is a lot of business advice out there that focuses on the practical side of starting a business - sales, marketing, accounting, legal, websites, etc. But very little advice about how to manage the single most important factor in your success: you.

Are you trying to grow your business but stand in your own way sometimes? Do you ever doubt yourself, or procrastinate? Do you find it hard to deal with stress, setbacks or rejection? Or lack goals, or a plan to achieve them? Do you struggle to build relationships and influence key partners or clients? Do you want to learn how to manage yourself better, or understand other people?

All of these skills fall under what's known as 'emotional intelligence', and research shows it’s responsible for up to 80% of the factors that determine how 'successful' we are in our business and personal lives.

It's not our IQ, education, or family background that's most important, but our ability to recognise, interpret and manage the emotions of ourselves, and those of others.

In this interactive workshop you will:

- learn what emotions are and why we have them

- understand what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important

- learn how to increase your self awareness

- use a technique which will help you have greater self control

- develop your empathy for other people

- become a much better communicator by practising a simple but powerful skill

- learn the secret truth to developing emotional intelligence for long-lasting change and success


Here’s what others have said about attending this workshop:

“Nice mixture of theory and practice. We all got personal attention and had time for questions”

“Excellent presentation, the exercises were super helpful, and in a comfortable environment”

“I got lots of techniques to get a better understanding of my emotions. It unpacked my work frustration. It was very good, good structure, I liked the exercises”

“I got some personal insight into why some of my goals are not achieved. I got actual results there and then from practical exercises that you can’t do at home or alone”

“I learnt a lot about myself especially in the areas I want to work on. It was straight to the point and very informative”


Please note the workshop will begin promptly at 7.00pm.