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Social Media for Start Ups

Today, whether as an individual or as a business, your online presence is becoming more and more important. No longer do we have to physically try and capture our market audience through ads in newspapers, billboards or annoying flyers but for the first time, social media has allowed us to deliver our products and messages to people where ever they have an internet connection. A strong online strategy today can do more than just expand your reach but define your brand, establish your companies ethos, generate new revenue streams and most importantly allow you to communicate directly with your new clientele. Weak online strategies today will have a negative, sloppy, and counter productive affects which leave a negative first impression. We believe in the power of first impressions which is why we provide our clients with the services needed to separate themselves from the competition


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the constraints entrepreneurs are faced with. Which is why on the 5th of January, we deliver the winning strategy to you. Come and join us.

Cost: £16.22 – £21.43

Earlier Event: December 16
Later Event: January 10
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