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How to tell a Powerful Story about your Product or Service


A lot of organisations struggle to grow because they are so busy working on what they do, that they fail to tell enough people about what they are doing.

They struggle to tell a story that gets people excited about what they are doing, so they fail to attract new clients. And without new clients, organisations can find it difficult to sustain and grow.

In this storytelling workshop, we're going to change your thinking. We'll teach you how to tell a story that get’s people talking, so that your product can catch on and go viral.

Along the way you'll learn:

  • The 6 fundamentals of virality - why things get shared

  • Why beliefs and values are important when telling your story

  • How human psychology influences sharing and purchasing decisions

  • How stories are the key to successful marketing

  • To build inner remarkability into your offering

Who’s it for

This interactive workshop is great for anyone that wants to get attention and boost interest in their product or service. You might be a business owner, sole trader or a marketing manager who wants to add the emotional power of story to their marketing strategy.

About the host

Andrew Bull has worked in the UK film and advertising industries for the last 20 years.

He's helped to create spectacular sequences for films such as Gravity, Harry Potter and create commercials for the likes of BMW, British Airways, Mercedes, Marks & Spencer, Dior, and Sony.

He has a passion for creating stories that makes a real difference to people and organisations. He’s currently exploring how VR and filmed performance can be combined to create powerful and engaging storytelling experiences.

Andrew has given talks & presentations for Disney, Channel 4, BFI, Sony and Warner Brothers.  Andrew is Story Consultant & Filmmaker @