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Sonin Agency - Startup & Mobilise: A workshop for entrepreneurs looking to exploit mobile

As we reach the height of the mobile era, where we would prefer to lose our keys over our mobiles, it’s becoming increasingly important for startups and entrepreneurs to review their mobile offering.

We know that building a great app is difficult and turning it into a profitable tool is even harder. Therefore, we're running the Startup & Mobilise workshop, designed to give you the information you need to understand the market an establish yourself in the mobile world.

During the workshop we'll be covering the full process from initial concept, to building a business, to development, to marketing and making a profit. The topics will include;

          - User behaviour and what people want

          - The facts about development

          - How much it's going to cost you

          - Trends and new technology to look out for

          - Monetization

          - The key questions you need to ask yourself

As well as gaining the latest insights into mobile and app development, you'll get the chance to contribute to group discussions and have one-to-one conversations with our team of strategy managers, developers and marketers.

If you've got a specific question or topic that you'd like to see covered, do let us know in the comment box during registration and we'll make sure it's included.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

18:30 - Registration, drinks & networking
18:50 - Introduction & Welcome
19:00 - SESSION ONE: The Facts
19:30 - Interview & questions
19:45 - SESSION TWO: The Future
20:30 - Questions
20:45 - Drinks, nibbles & networking
21:00 - End