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"Your startup's worst enemy" Series - Day 3: FEEDBACK

Day 3 is all about what we do after we took action, i.e. after getting our idea out there and in front of real customers. It's about how we process feedback from the market.

In day 1 we learned to observe what's going on inside our mind and discovered how powerful is our ego to distract us from our startup's real objectives.
In day 2 we took action and learnt to unleash our creativity, get into flow and leverage the power of focus.

Today we'll consider how will we react to what happens after we take action? What if what happens is not what we expected? We have to learn how to Listen, Question and Understand what we observe.

As always its going to be a highly interactive session! Be prepared to surprise yourself!

Message from Leonardo.

It was great to have you all in the previous sessions. As promised, we'll have a guided meditation group just before the Action session, at 6pm. Everyone is invited, even if you weren't at the session last week. Just to help me organise the meditation before the event, please confirm your attendance to the meditation here:

See you all Tue 30 Aug at Launch22!

Leonardo Zangrando
Startup Mentor and Mentors Trainer at Launch22 and Virgin Startup. Speaker on innovation culture for large companies such as Tesco, BBC, Fremantle Media, and also "the" Google. Personal development coach to managers and professionals from Citi bank, Twitter and others. Obsessed with unleashing all the hidden potential of individuals and organisations. Your Genius lives within you, it's up to you to listen or rather remain hostage of your fear-based Ego.