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"Your startup's worst enemy" Series - Day 1: AWARENESS

Day 0: Introduction
Here's the link to the slides et of the introductory session of 10 August. Enjoy it!
If you couldn't attend don't worry, you can still catch up next Tuesday

Day 1: Awareness
In this session we are going to explore how to raise our awareness about our internal self inflicted restrictions and false beliefs. Being aware of how our ego keeps us in check and consistently hijacks our chances of success is an essential starting point. With awareness we are in the position to liberate our inner child to see things for what they are and not for what they mean to our ego. This is the first step to then become able to do the right thing, in spite of our ego pressures to do otherwise!

Message from the host Leonardo.
"Hi all, thank you for coming yesterday and I hope to see you Tuesday next week to dive deeper into our internal fight between ego and inner child. I really liked the discussion we had and I see a great opportunity to help you step out of the frustration and anxieties that often come with the role of entrepreneur, for a much more rewarding path to success!
Remember the free invite to the Unleash your Genius event I mentioned at the talk. It is the only "self help" approach that I would ever suggest to the people I care, aside of mine of course! ;) Here's the invite link"

The following 4 talks will go deeper into the details of the critical traits for success and how to cultivate them:  Action, Followup, Learning, Patience and further to come!

Leonardo Zangrando
Startup Mentor and Mentors Trainer at Launch22 and Virgin Startup. Speaker on innovation culture for large companies such as Tesco, BBC, Fremantle Media, and also "the" Google. Personal development coach to managers and professionals from Citi bank, Twitter and others. Obsessed with unleashing all the hidden potential of individuals and organisations. Your Genius lives within you, it's up to you to listen or rather remain hostage of your fear-based Ego.