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EU Referendum Implications for European Entrepreneurs in the UK

StartUp Incubator Launch22 invites for a Q&A Session: EU Referendum Implications for European Entrepreneurs in the UK

There are more questions than answers after the referendum of 23 June for the EEA nationals living and working in the UK.  Ruslan Kosarenko, Immigration and Human Rights Lawyer (Sterling & Law Associates LLP) will share expert insights on the consequences of the referendum from the immigration law perspective and will answer any individual questions from the audience.

Presentation and discussion will cover the following questions:

  • How Brexit affects the free movement of people (workers)?
  • How can EEA nationals and their family members residing in the UK protect their residence rights?
  • What is the procedure for EEA residence and permanent residence document applications?
  • What is the possible impact on the EU national with non-EU spouses?
  • Should I apply for the British citizenship? What are the requirements?

    Admission: Free admission but registration is required. The number of spaces is limited.  REGISTER BY COMPLETING THIS FORM.