Inbound marketing, SEO and Social media


Inbound Marketing - Social Media - And the future of SEO

The holy Trinity of Digital Marketing is evolving fast

   Ever wondered how SEO fits in with your inbound marketing or social media strategy?

   Disappointed about the RoIe of your social media / inbound marketing?

   Are you a bootstrapping start-up and feel unable to compete on any relevant keywords in traditional SEO?

   Do you really understand to your advantage, how these 3 interact, and what they are?

November 2, 18:30 - Resident Inbound Marketing mentor Stéphane Malhomme will take you through a masterclass covering:

   What SEO, Inbound Marketing and Social Media are, in the context of lead-generation and branding building.

   What are the synergies between each

   Give you 10 quick hacks to raise your game in each, at the ready

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Stephan Malhomme

Stephane is a freelance social media / inbound marketing consultant coming from 15 years in international executive search and recruitment management (Airbus, Bat, Ingram Executive Search) Stephane helps offline individuals and SME's define sound, smart, sturdy and striking social media strategies. He supports SME's and individuals raise their online visibility and authority, in pursuit of their own SMART objectives (branding, leads generation, or jobseeking occasionally for individuals). He favours 80/20 approaches, measurable RoI and fad-free consulting.


   SM Strategy setting (Core audience definition, SMART goals)

   SM Coaching (Training, technical coaching)

   Project Management (Implementation of SM systems)

   SM Execution (Viral blogging, Social Proofing)

   Career Coaching (LinkedIn Audits, Reputation Management)

Website engineering: WordPress sites building, SEO, Call-To-Action (CTA) and Landing pages design.