Fireside Chat- with Lauren Riley

Join us here for an exclusive Fireside Chat with Lauren Riley the CEO of TheLinkApp. 

You’ll get an inspirational insight into the journey of Lauren and her company, from the difficulties of founding a start-up to the different challenges of scaling a business, gaining backing, and life in business. 

Lauren Riley is a London-based entrepreneur, qualified solicitor, and the proud founder of The Link App. The Link App is a communication tool between law firms and their clients. Ever since she began studying law, Lauren has been keen to dispel the image of a stuffy solicitor. In fact, she remains determined to give the law a ‘facelift’.

Lauren’s appearance on The BBC’s The Apprentice in 2014 was an opportunity not only to get backing for her business idea, The Link App, but also the perfect way to show that women can earn their place in the boardroom without losing their femininity. Lauren continues to make appearances in the media. Lauren is also prominent blogger the Huffington Post and her own blog published on her website Lauren shares her life, tips for success, experience in business and the things she loves outside of work on her blog and her YouTube channel.

Lauren’s Fireside Chat will focus on start-ups gaining a first-hand understanding of the challenges and benefits of leaving a professional career and learnings faced when starting a business up. Get your notepads and pens ready as this will be a chance to gain knowledge from an experienced and well known businesswomen.