Peter Lang

Working at Launch22 has been great. I enjoy interacting with all the different businesses within the space and of course, the Launch 22 team. Everyone at Launch22 is here to work on their own businesses, but it isn’t all about work! It has been useful to have 'brain breaks' and talk to everyone who pops in here and play a few games of ping pong! I am a firm believer that creativity thrives in the community feel, and Launch22 provided that.

Jennie Godsell

I’ve always been used to working in an open plan office, and as someone who designs offices, it’s a design that I convey in my own work! It has been great and moving from working at home to a space such as Launch 22 and it has been exactly what I needed. Coming to Launch 22, I originally thought that I would be less productive as this place has a lot more distractions! But what I’ve found is as I use the office, I have a structured working day and I am getting on with my work that little bit more. I do think that having other people around is good for you and has a healthier environment! It’s had a positive impact on my work in terms of just well-being.