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Digital Bootcamp: How to market the right messages, to the right people, at the right time.

How To Market The Right Messages, To The Right People, At The Right Time, So That Your Audience Will Listen, Engage And Take Action

Are you struggling to pull together all of your digital marketing efforts into one cohesive view?

Do you feel like there are so many pieces to the digital marketing jigsaw, that you struggle with seeing how they all fit together?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating and executing a complete digital marketing strategy?

Perhaps you have no idea where to start, or you have already tried and struggled to get any real traction?

Even though you’re busy trying to get your business off the ground, you’ve still managed to squeeze in some learning about the various digital marketing strategies out there. But the deeper you get into it, the more there seems to be to learn.

This is a common situation that many entrepreneurs find themselves in. They have no shortage of tools, methods or individual tactics or strategies, but no roadmap or framework for everything to fit into.

They become daunted at the sheer amount of work it seems is needed, and even start to doubt that they are up to the job.

In many cases they plough on, stay busy and end up with lots of different initiatives, but there are gaps in the strategy and the dots just aren’t connecting. They often learn the hard way, that their digital marketing system will always under perform, if the pieces don’t join up or work together in harmony.

Lifecycle Marketing Essentials is a FREE 2 hour interactive workshop, which gives you a framework you can use to make sense of the vast quantity of digital marketing tools, strategies and approaches out there, so you can join everything up and watch progress in your company blow up.

During the workshop you will cover:

  1. The 3 part model you can use, to quickly assess any market space so you can clarify your brand positioning

  2. The 6 stages of the customer lifecycle and why overlooking them will destroy your plans for growth

  3. The 5 pillars that make up any businesses operating model and how knowing what they are will help you bring the vision for your company to life

  4. A little known tool you can use to turn abstract marketing concepts, into concrete actionable steps, you and your team can understand

  5. How to break down your big vision into small steps, so you can execute and keep yourself on schedule

Workshop Bonuses

In addition to the 2 hour interactive workshop all attendees will receive:

A course workbook and slides

*A voucher to redeem 10% off any [r]-Cubed Digital Solutions digital marketing services

*A voucher to redeem 50% off any [r]-Cubed Digital Solutions paid events

Complimentary tea, coffee, beer and some nibbles will also be available throughout the event.

Only 20 spaces available - Get your ticket HERE

This workshop is one in a series of 4 events comprising a larger programme called Digital Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs. The events can either be attended as a series or as stand alone modules.