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How To Get Your Website To Rank Better On Google

How To Get Your Website To Rank Better On Google, Without Having To Become An Expert In SEO

Are you preparing to get a new website for your company?

Are you looking to hit the ground running and to make sure that once it launches you can expect plenty of visitors, leads and enquiries?

Maybe you already have a website and you’re wondering why it doesn’t produce any leads for your business?

Perhaps you feel as though you should be getting more traffic to your website or worse still you have no idea how many visitors you actually get?


There are so many things to think about as an entrepreneur, especially when you are a start-up or in a high growth phase. The learning curve is steep, and inevitably some time will need to be given to your website, digital marketing and the dreaded… SEO.

You think it’s all going to be straightforward, that you’ll read a few blog posts, watch a few hours videos and a couple of hours later you’ll be an expert. The reality is that you eventually emerge from the rabbit hole, with the unfortunate realisation that maybe things are not going to be as easy as you thought.

Lots of entrepreneurs and business owners go through exactly the same thing. They realise that SEO is a fairly complex area, much more complex than they originally thought. They become overwhelmed and quickly find something else they can work on so they can keep checking off items on their to-do list.

Sadly, their business suffers as even the most amazing website in the world, will generate very few enquiries, if no one can find it on Google.


SEO Essentials is a 2 hour interactive workshop, which gives you everything you need to know so you can better understand the SEO landscape. You will learn how to assess your own situation as well as create an action plan to improve your rankings and get your site found on Google.

During the workshop you will cover:

  1. Google 101 - How google works and what it means for your business

  2. 4 techniques you can use to find the best keywords to use in your content, so your site gets more traffic

  3. How to create a site structure that maximises your page rank potential

  4. The top 5 places on a web page to utilise your keywords so that Google can easily index your content

  5. 3 strategies you can use to get external, incoming links to your site so you can signal to Google that your content is high quality and worthy of ranking

  6. The number 1 tool to make sure you’re using, so you can track and improve your site traffic and results


Workshop Bonuses

In addition to the 2 hour interactive workshop all attendees will receive:

A course workbook and slides

*A voucher to redeem 50% off a full SEO site audit from [r]-Cubed Digital Solutions

*A voucher to redeem 50% off keyword research from [r]-Cubed Digital Solutions

*A voucher to redeem 50% off any [r]-Cubed Digital Solutions paid events

Complimentary tea, coffee, beer and some nibbles will also be available throughout the event.

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This workshop is one in a series of 4 events comprising a larger programme called Digital Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs. The events can either be attended as a series or as stand alone modules.