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Social Media Meet Up #8

The evening will look a little like this:

This meetup is for people who want to learn more about social media, even if you don't have any live accounts, it's ok, we want to help those who don't get it!

Intro (15 mins)

• Welcome and introductions to one another

Guest Speakers with Q+A (30 mins)

The speakers for this meetup are from a variety of backgrounds all involved in social media in some capacity. We will hear from speakers who work at one of Liverpool’s biggest public service organisations, the founder of an alternative education startup and a paid advertising expert.

Social Surgery Sessions with Speakers (1 hour)*

After the guest speakers Q+A, each of the speakers will be hosting a table to dive a bit deeper into the specifics of what they are experts on and answer your questions that relate to you.

•  Break out into groups of 3

Group 1 - Social Media & Public Organisations

This speaker will share insights into how social media plays a role in public organisations and the changes that it’s made over the last few years. How to get the all important ‘buy in’ from senior executives and explain what the benefits of social media are and how to report the insights, to those (executives) who struggle to sometimes see/believe in the purpose of doing it.

Group 2 - Positioning and Brand on Social Media

After creating a fantastic programme for young people to get into creative industries in Liverpool, this speaker will share how Twitter played such an important role in positioning the brand and how to keep the original tone of voice on social media, even if at times you have to let other members of your team take control.

Group 3 - Social Media & Paid Advertising

A true technician to the paid advertising space. This speaker, who has over 7 years experience will share the ins and outs of social media advertising and on hand to answer questions about finding the optimal cost per click, creating engaging ads, retargeting and much more!

Once again, we're really excited to see you there and looking forward to it!


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