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Social Media Meetup #7

The evening will look a little like this:

This meetup is for people who want to learn more about social media, even if you don't have any live accounts, it's ok, we want to help those who don't get it! 

Intro (15 mins) 

• Welcome and introductions to one another 

Guest Speakers with Q+A (30 mins) 

The speakers for this meetup will be from one of Liverpool's biggest and best tourism brands, quite possibly the most successful local podcast Liverpool has ever known and an analytics whizz!

Social Surgery Sessions with Speakers (1 hour)* 

After the guest speakers Q+A, each of the speakers will be hosting a table to dive a bit deeper into the specifics of what they are experts on and answer your questions that relate to you.

•  Break out into groups of 3

Group 1 - Instagram Takeovers, Tourism & Social Media

This speaker will share the in-depth know how of managing multiple accounts, experimenting with new channels and testing out strategies that help promote the cities greatest assets. The table will be for those wanting to experiment a bit further with their social media activity.

Group 2 - Building a Tribe on Social Media 

A great story from the chosen speaker for this table. If you are wanting to create your own podcast or make the most out of the one you have, then this table will be for you. Sharing the insights of how this company has built a tribe and a business, around what once at first, a hobby! 

Group 3 - Social Media & Data Analysis

The speaker for this table will give the low down on how to analyse data and be able to relay this back to clients in a way that it makes sense to those outside of the marketing team. This table will be for those who want tangible insights into analysing and reporting social media data.

Once again, we're really excited to see you there and looking forward to it!

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