Rounded up: all the best startup advice

We all want clear and concise advice and never to be left floundering and unsure. However, researching can be stressful and take a big chunk out of your time, with multiple tabs open and losing track of where you saw what, it can be a bit of a struggle. Luckily I’ve done the work for you, with some very interesting content floating around, I’ve compiled them all here as a link roundup to save you the trouble of hunting them down. Here at Launch22, we aim to make life easier for the everyday entrepreneur, so here are all the best ideas in one neat place!

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Where else to seek advice about starting your own business than from those who have been there, done that?

So here’s the best advice from successful founders:

  • ·         What do successful founders wish they knew before starting up? Well here’s your answer, this blog covers everything from business plans to sourcing talent, an excellent read to give you an overall perspective of the sector. ‘Take heart that even the most successful entrepreneurs have faced, and overcome, many of the same challenges you do.’
  •  Need a little insurance and encouragement in the face of the naysayers and critics? Have a listen to what the founder of Huffington post has to say, as she puts perseverance as the most important quality you need to succeed.
  • If you’re looking for some personal stories of inspiration and following your passion, here’s a great blog from 8 fascinating entrepreneurs. The businesses included are a wide variation, and each founder has one gem of knowledge to share with you.

Looking for advice on finances and investments? I’ve got you covered.

Top three blogs on financing your start up:

  •   Here’s a handy guide on what potential investors are likely to ask you, and what they’re looking for in answers. ‘When raising investment, to a certain extent you need to get into your potential investor’s head in the same way.’
  •  Finances can be daunting when starting a business, luckily for you, I found this step by step list on the most important decisions you’ll make when setting up a business. Extremely helpful in providing a clear idea of the main factors you’ll need to consider for your business to be both viable and profitable.
  • If you were wondering what the best route to take when first laying the foundation for a sustainable business, here you’ll find 8 of the best tips for avoiding the most common financial mistakes.

So…What about Marketing? Where do I start?

Last, but certainly not least, you need to get your product or idea into the world. Here is the best advice I found on Marketing.

  •  Here’s an excellent piece on marketing on a tight budget! This blog takes you through numerous ideas you might not have thought of to get your business out there and to generate interest, all at a minimal price! Being creative in your approach and tactics is the key to success.
  • If you’re looking for some more in depth advice and knowledge, here’s the ultimate guide to start up marketing. This is a well-organised source of information, split into handling social media, to start-up PR and how to go about creating your own content, this blog has it all.
  •  Finally, this is a neat little overview to refer back to when you start feeling lost. With only four basic sections, including market research, finding your target market, promoting your business and finally how to sell, this blog will help keep you grounded.

By Roda Musa