So you’ve started your business and everything is going well, so you decide it’s time to host your first event.

Here at Launch22 we know how important events are to our members, whether it’s to raise their profile or simply a way of bringing everyone together.

There are a number of ways that hosting an event can benefit you personally, and of course, your business.

Here are some of our top reasons to host an event:

1.    It promotes your business

Events are brilliant exposure for you and your business, if you’re relatively new they are a great way to showcase your skills. Similarly, if you’re a more well-established company, events provide a platform to show off a new product or they simply provide a way for your clients and customers an opportunity to learn more about you.

Mark Russell, our mentor here at Launch22 and also host of the Social Media Meetup, discusses, ‘Hosting an event as a business is a great way to add value to new and existing audiences, while also giving you something to talk about and share online, especially, social media. 

Going to events is also really important for getting the word out about what you do and who you're looking to speak to. There are always things to learn at meetups and events too which makes it all the worthwhile.’ 

2.    Marketing

Events can be a highly effective marketing tool. Whilst a business can market themselves at an event, events can also be a fantastic way to boost your social media presence. Eventbrite and Facebook are an effective way to get people excited and informed about what’s going on and create a buzz around what’s happening at the event.

Getting the event shared out on Facebook and Twitter is a superb way of increasing followers and engagement, you can reach out to people further afield by live streaming the event on Facebook, Twitter and even on Instagram. Hosting an event can also provide sufficient content for your social media, whether it’s live tweeting an event, or some photos for Instagram.

Jackson Edmonds, Managing Director of Newsham Media is no stranger to hosting and marketing successful events here at Launch22, ‘The events we've done have been our biggest marketing success by far. The chance to get yourself in front of potential clients is a great way to show them you're an expert in your field and allows you to raise your profile locally. We've also managed to use footage from our events as part of our social media activity and also used the videos on YouTube, this means the 2 hour event we put on gives us a chance to put our message out and more importantly allows people to find us forever.’

Similarly, blog posts are another fantastic form of content to utilise when promoting events. After we hosted our ‘Meet Your Mentor’ event we produced a blog post simply giving a rundown of what happened and some key quotes from the speakers. Through retweets, shares and tagging the mentors, this seen a significant surge in our social media engagement and blog views.

3.    Networking

Networking is undeniably a highly valuable tool in business and events are the perfect place to network. You never know who could come along to an event, whether it may be a potential client or even an employee! Through events you can meet people in your field and people who aren’t.

Even if it’s not specifically a networking event, you have the opportunity to get to know different people and make new connections. As you come to meet a variety of people, you can create your own network of contacts, who can offer advice and knowledge of their own to you.

Business Insider reports that, ‘Most of these social networking events provide a laid back atmosphere to chat with similar people, and these informal chats often lead to many opportunities and potential ways you can work together.’

4.    Showcase your skills and knowledge

Events are the perfect place for you to show off the skills and knowledge that you’ve developed over the years. If you show your passion for your product or business it will shine through to your audience and get them engaged.

Opening questions up to the floor can seem a bit daunting, but whilst your knowledge may be tested on the spot, you will be able to answer any questions that people may have about your work.

Workshops and meetups are also useful for others to bounce ideas off one another and can give you new ideas that you may not have considered before.

5.    Build your confidence

For some people public speaking comes naturally, for others it can be quite hard to stand up and present in front of people they’ve never met. By hosting you can build your confidence and gain experience public speaking.

Whilst it is a cliché to say it’s ‘all about having fun,’ it is important to have a good time and make sure you make the most of it for your business.

Here at Launch22 we give our members the opportunity to host as well as attend events, as you have heard from Mark and Jackson, they are a wonderful way to boost your profile, as well as being effective Marketing tools.

Even if you’re not a member here at Launch, you can still host an event! We have a fabulous space for events here, as Mark Russell notes: ‘Launch22 is a unique space to host events, it's well positioned for people who live and work in the city centre, and easily accessible for those who commute. The space itself is brilliant, a lot of natural light and wonderful views of the River Mersey.’

If you want to find out any more about attending or hosting an event you can visit our website:

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