The Proof is in the Podcast

Last month at Launch22 we premiered our debut podcast ‘Talk22’. This is now a weekly feature here at Launch and it got us thinking, how can a podcast help a business?

Podcasts can be created by anyone, anywhere, about absolutely anything. Radio stations use them so listeners can catch up on shows they have missed, and businesses and publications also use them to present topics and ideas. As more people turn to smartphones, it means that podcasts are becoming more accessible on mobile phones. You can easily listen on your morning commute, or if you’re making dinner in the evening, so it’s no wonder why the market is rapidly growing.

With more people tuning into streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music for their daily podcast fix, it’s clear there is a growing market. The popular American podcast Freakonomics sees an impressive 8 million downloads every month.

Whilst we may not have hit a million subscribers (yet), we can already see that starting a podcast at Launch22 has had a positive impact.


Over the past month we have had the opportunity to interview some incredible businesses around Liverpool and meet some very interesting people from some great groups such as the Baltic Creative CIC and Liverpool Girl Geeks. It’s a great way to learn more about other businesses, get some advice from others with experience in your industry, and of course getting your own name out there.

Social media content

Sometimes trying to post regular, relevant social media content can be tricky. It’s easy to rely on other business articles and podcasts but producing your own content can be even more effective. Here at Launch22, we have seen an increase in our social media followers and engagement since starting the Talk22 podcasts. By tagging those involved it means your content can get shared out more, not to mention it’s exciting to monitor how many listens you’re getting!

Be unique!

As mentioned before, it’s easy to share other business materials, but showcasing your own content is even better. Starting a podcast can take time, and it’s all about adapting a style that suits you can reflect your business. It’s up to you if you want to add in quirky music or sound effects, and you can decide who is in it, so you can put your own unique spin on it.

Learn new skills

I use GarageBand to edit my podcasts, as I had a brief knowledge of it from GCSE Music all those years ago. I had never edited anything like a podcast before so it was a great opportunity to have a go at some editing. If you’re interviewing, it may bring out the inner hard-hitting journalist in you as you engage in conversation with your interviewees!

Join the conversation

From the gender gap, to marketing, dyslexia and the Liverpool creative scene, we’ve had some great discussions with the local community. Podcasts are a great way to open up debate amongst other people and start a conversation about topics that often go under the radar.

Want to join in with us? Let us know and you could feature in our next podcast, email us at

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Tori Erskine