Every time we walk past the Impackt team they’re always busy working away on different projects, speaking to clients and occasionally sneaking in some pizza and ping pong! It’s no surprise that they are our June Member of the Month, naturally we needed to hear more about them and what they’ve been up to!

Hi Peter and Michelle, thanks so much for having a chat today! Could you start off by telling me who Impackt are and what you do?

P: I’m Peter Hazon, I’m the business manager, I am in effect the MD of the company. Impackt have been going for two years in April, and we are an adaptive design and artwork agency. We are heavily involved in FMCG which is ‘fast-moving consumer goods,’ so more of your retailer food packaging and retailer brands, for example the likes of Unilever, P&G, Nestle, and we create and adapt the artwork that goes with the food packaging.

M: I’m Michelle Colebourn, and I’m the Operations Manager here. We’ve been in the Launch office now for a year and a half. We started out with a part time membership, then we went to two full time desks and now we currently have seven full time desks!

One of the reasons that we picked you for MOTM is because we see how busy you always seem to be! You seem to have quite a lot of stuff happening at the moment, can you tell me a bit more about any projects that you’re working on? Have you had any particular favourites?

P: My favourite kind of project is getting involved right from the beginning of a brand redesign or a brand creation. It’s about coming up with that idea, that strategy, and then my favourite part is then rolling that strategy and idea out into all the different platforms. One of our touch points is the packaging, but then we also get involved in the digital side and in the media side, and it’s basically about exploring an idea, strategy or design and seeing that come alive. The best thing is then when you see it materialised on shelf or in store. Our main client is Unilever, so we run that from a global and a European level, so it’s great just to see it start from one idea and then watch it grow and materialise.

M: We also do points of sale, so for instance, when you go into supermarkets or any of the retailers, and they’ve got dress on the shelves, or the big stands, that has to be turned round quite quickly, so that’s probably why we always seem so busy! We might get a brief on Monday and it might need to be in store the following Monday, and that can be anything from large cash and carries, to small stores or independent retailers. So you go into the shop round the corner and you go to buy a can of pop, and all the trays that it’s sat in is something that we’ve designed.

We work along with activation agencies so they have reps that go into stores and have to dress all the shelves, but it might just be a short activity, so we’ve been quite busy recently because it’s Father’s Day coming up. So what will happen through the summer months is we’ll get really busy looking at Christmas activity, and that can be anything from printing posters, to what we call “shelf dressing” or making stands, but it’s quite quick because we have to liaise with clients, suppliers, and the Marketing Activation agency so that’s why we always look a bit frantic!

Sounds very busy! So you started off as part-time members, what has your Launch journey been like?

P: The reason that we like Launch, is the flexibility. We were a young start up, it was just myself and then Michelle came on board, and we like the community spirit and the entrepreneurial aspects of Launch. With the budgets and everything that we’ve got, it gave us the great flexibility to start up a part time membership on the coworking spaces, but then also to establish ourselves as more of a business. Then we had the flexibility when we were able to grow and move and go to full time, eventually we went to the fixed desks, it was just a progression as our business grew! We think that Launch is really good at helping us grow as a business as well.

M: I think that it helped with the initial stages, for carrying that work-life balance, because a lot of the time we were working in various coffee shops, or working from home. You could be up at 7 o’clock and then you don’t switch your laptop off until 10 o’clock at night - although that still happens now! It was an environment that we could come in to and you felt like you were having a working day. We would come in around 8.30, we’d have a lunch hour, you could actually chat to other people, and then 5.30 comes and you’re doing that commute home. So it kind of felt that we got more productive, actually being in the office, and I think for me especially, because Peter as the MD business manager his primary role is to go out and get us new business, a lot of the time I was by myself which is fine, but again being in the office there were people to interact with and also through the events. We’ve met some web designers and photographers, and obviously we want to be able to look at people locally as well.

P: We very much do see it as a community at Launch22, and I think from a conventional business sense you have it as your own space, your own office, it’s great, for us and the industry we’re in and the people we work with, we love the interaction. Especially when it’s just the two of you.

M: Or even seven!

That’s so exciting to see how much you have grown over your time at Launch! Have you had any career highlights, or even any highlights from your time here at Launch22?

M: I personally really enjoyed the Christmas party! That was really good, because I think when people are on part-time memberships, you don’t see them as much, but the Launch guys had put on a really nice event, and I thought that was really good because we got to see people we hadn’t seen for a while. One of my personal favourite events was when Launch did a band night, we stayed behind, and we thought it was going to turn into a bit of a mad session, but it was actually really good!

P: The ping pong championship! The fact I got to the final (which we still have to play)! I love all the social events, but I also love some of the events with the mentors. The event with the mentors are events that I never would have entered or attended, but it’s really interesting some of the stuff that you hear. Especially more on the social media side, and some of the areas that we don’t really touch on our side of the business or the categories we look after, I think it’s good to get some alternative approaches.

M: I think as well for both Peter, it’s nice because when you go back originally to a year and a half ago it was just us sitting on the benches, and now we come in and we’ve actually got a team of people! There are seven of us and to have that area now is brilliant, I think we just sometimes just walk in and go: ‘Aww we have a team!’

P: I think in terms of achievements, this hits the nail on the head. It’s fabulous that our business has grown really fast, and Michelle and I were 100% behind the fact that we could make it work, because we knew that there was a gap in the market for it. I think that each milestone that we get to are such achievements, when we were able to take our production manager on, that was great, and bringing on account and project managers to help Michelle, it’s just those little milestones that make us feel good.

If you want to find out more about the Impackt team’s work, you can visit their website or give them a tweet @IMPACKTLpl


Tori Erskine